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My approach is mainly focused on getting your website to work around the clock for you.

Nick George, Founder
I build sales systems from the perspective of your clients.

A contractor's SEO strategy should be focused on the right things. If you're a general contractor looking to build a website for lead generation, you should know that customers only care about how you can help them. The truth is that most SEO and web design companies have it all wrong. Trying to impress you with a fancy design and extra content will only go so far. Paying for ads, driving a bunch of traffic to your website and stuffing keywords is not what you should be focused on. You should be focused on having a website that is well built and has great content. Creating a stand out design that builds trust and gets your construction business recognized is what I do.
Getting you not just more leads, but the type of leads that are exclusive to you.

Failing to plan means planning to fail. What are your goals? People always want to know who does the best SEO for contractors. Well, if someone can learn about your pain points and goals first, it will allow them to have a good start on your campaign. Having the right approach for your business is very important and needs to be in the correct order. Before the project starts, I will talk with you to find out what you're specifically looking to achieve. I want you to have clients that recognize you as a specialist in your line of work. Clients that will be excited to work with you from the beginning. If you're eager to reach the type of audience you want, I am here to help you make it happen.

Contractor SEO - Let the Leads Come to You

I'm Nick, founder and lead designer of Clockwork Inbound. I help construction businesses and general contractors that are stuck or looking to expand. By using SEO and web design strategies tailored to your needs, I’ve helped businesses increase their sales and leads.

Nick has a keene way of listening and executing exactly what we were looking to convey in a web design. His commitment to perfection and timeliness was very impressive. I would encourage anyone looking to update or create a new website work with Nick.

-Debbie Klugger, Center State Construction

Your SEO and Website Goals are Mine

This could mean your goals within the next few months or your goals for next year. The reason I say this is because the results I produce will last. I won't leave you hanging. Retaining customers who are excited to work with you is what you need, customers that will be more than happy to recommend your services as needed.

I keep things simple and cut through the nonsense. No hidden fees or service costs. I am nothing more than a normal guy who takes pride in watching you succeed. All of your concerns about how I can help will be tackled. My approach is mainly focused on putting together the proper plan to get your website to do the solving for you.

Why Work With Me?

Tailored to Your needs

The non-focused customer approach that many SEO and web design firms use has led to poor customer satisfaction and little to no results. This leaves contractors with little hope in getting exclusive inbound leads from google. At Clockwork Inbound, I am always looking for new ways to improve my services to make the process easier for you. During your free consultation, I will discuss the specific problems your business is facing. Whether you need more sales, more time or higher paying clients, I will go over a detailed plan to see how I can help not only improve your business, but make your life easier in the process. Once I summarize your goals and we are on the same page, that's when the project starts.

SEO Established

If your website is not ranking on the first page of search engines like google, leads that could have been yours will get taken by your competitors. This is why every website I build includes an organic search engine optimization strategy from the very first step of the project to ensure great local SEO for contractors. A website that looks professional combined with targeted keywords to help you rank high in google is the best combination for your success. The specific type of clients you aim for will be targeted to send high quality traffic to your website. If that's not enough for you, I also offer advanced, ongoing SEO for consistent results.

Proven Results

SEO and digital marketing businesses have built a bad reputation over the years due to focusing on the wrong things. I focus strictly on tapping into your website visitors' motive to take action and use your service over your competitors. I do this by seeing your website as a “sales system” rather than just a presentation for your business. At Clockwork Inbound, I focus thoroughly on guiding potential clients through a website to answer all of their questions and eventually pick up the phone and use your service. After creating long-lasting results and increasing the revenue for multiple contracting businesses, I look to do the same for you.

Real Statistics Report

Business owners value their time, so I like to keep things simple and easy for my clients. I will make sure to provide you with an easy to understand, broken down report on how your website is performing. These will be clear, detailed and direct results so you can see exactly how your website is converting visitors into clients. At Clockwork Inbound, your goals are mine. Sticking around until the project is done, showing proof and building trusting relationships with my clients is the foundation of my business. If you'd like to see real results for your construction business, let's get started now on building your online presence.

What people say?

I'm very happy with our new site. Nick is a pleasure to work with. He helped us get our phone ringing and gave us a great kickstart for our business. I highly recommend Clockwork Inbound!

Cheryl Chapleau, Value Appliance

What people say?

Nick has a keene way of listening and executing exactly what we were looking to convey in a web design. His commitment to perfection and timeliness was very impressive. I would encourage anyone looking to update or create a new website work with Nick.

Debbie Klugger, Center State Construction

My Values

Being transparent is important to me, so there may be a few reasons why I would not be a good fit for you. For instance, I run this business mostly by myself so I cannot be available every hour of the day. Understanding the time and effort it takes to make website changes throughout the project along with good communication is also required to work with me as a client. If I have questions, with all due respect to your time, I will need your input and feedback so that I can get the best possible results for your business. All of my projects are my babies, so seeing them succeed is something I take personally. Making sure to put every ounce of effort I can into making them the best they can be is my number one priority.
I only work with professionals who have a clear understanding of the value my services provide. I price my projects based on the ROI (return of investment) I feel I can get you because I want you to succeed. When business owners feel I can't get the deserved results they need or that my work is not worth the cost, I will simply inform them how it works with a proven case study and let them decide. I won't work with clients who don't communicate clearly or settle invoices on time.

Questions & answers

I have worked with clients in construction, landscaping, appliance services and others. I generally work with remodeling businesses, landscapers, roofers or any other kind of general contractor that's looking to get off of websites like Home Advisor or Angie's List. If you have a service and you are looking to grow, attract great clients or save time, I am here to help you.
I like to work backwards, so before pricing a website, I first need to know about what you're looking to achieve. I will usually study your goals, estimate the return of investment I look to get you and price it from there.
Yes. More than half of your website visitors will be using a mobile device, so it is crucial to make sure your potential clients can easily navigate through your site on their phone or tablet. Not only will a mobile optimized site be user-friendly, but it will also help drive leads to your business.
Absolutely. Although I love to work with and promote local businesses, distance is not an obstacle at all. An SEO or web design project does not require close proximity, which is why I am more than happy to work with businesses near or far. If you have any questions please contact me via email or phone and I will do my best to help you.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what gets your website to rank high on search engines, specifically google. I use SEO methods that work to help your website rank on the first page of google. If you have any more questions about SEO or contractor marketing, feel free to reach out to me today.
Search Engine Optimization is not over-night success. To sum it up, it usually goes like this (depending on your business): In 1-2 months you'll see a boost in your rankings. In 3-6 months you'll start to rank on page one for your desired keywords. In 6-12 months you'll start to dominate the search engine for your local keywords. It could happen quicker, but I like to be civil and keep my expectations a little more realistic.
100%. If you do decide to have a blog though, you need to post on it consistently. If you do, blogging can have a bunch of positive effects on your website and customers. Along with a great SEO campaign, it will help with increasing leads and building trust with your target audience. Blog writing is absolutely necessary as a part of maintaining a website and is something your business should definitely be doing.


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